Track by Track: ‘Victoria’ by Beverly


Unexpectedly, we are going to see We Are Scientists in the UK in a few weeks time. We saw them in Amsterdam in June and could not pass up on the opportunity to see them again. We happen to be visiting family nearby and it just happened to coincide, which is really quite brilliant.

The support has been announced, a band called Beverly, who I had never heard of. I have had a little listen to their latest album The Blue Swell and I actually quite like the sound of them, so I am looking forward to checking them out. It’s never a bad thing to discover some new music!

So here’s a track from that album, which was out this past May.



Been listening to… 12-18 June 2016


Just a summary of what has been floating my boat this past week.

Of course I have been listening to The Strokes for REWIND,PLAY,STOP. Mainly Room Of Fire and Is This It.

I have also been listening a fair bit to The Vryll Society. Love their sound! They are doing a UK tour with Hidden Charms, who I love as well and is currently playing on my Sonos. Go and see them if you can! Both fantastic young bands worth keeping an eye on.

We Are Scientists are never far from the play-button and I have mostly been listening to their latest album Helter Seltzer, of which I will be writing a review soon.



Live Review: We Are Scientists @ Bitterzoet, Amsterdam – 1 June 2016


I was supposed to see New York band We Are Scientists last November when they were to do a double headline show with Ash (who happen to one of my favourite bands), but a few days before the Bataclan attacks happened and W.A.S.’ Keith Murray had been at that ill-fated gig  with his wife and decided to accompany her home. Very understandable and no bad word said about that decision, but seeing later W*A*S*H gigs on YouTube, the audience in Amsterdam missed out! Luckily Chris Cain and Keith Carne still joined the Ash guys for the encore and the gig ended on a massive high. I may put a review of that gig on at a later date.

I cannot tell you how psyched I was for this gig (Yes, I just used the word psyched). Because it did not quite work out last time, it simply felt overdue, and I was expecting a lot from these guys. I mean, this is a band that has been around for over a decade and have a vast array of songs about drinking and falling over –  they know how to party. And simply put – I was not wrong!

Before the gig singer/guitarist Keith Murray was happily working the merchandise stall. I am pretty positive there is no better marketing trick – the merch definitely got shifted! It’s good to see a band who are not up their own a**e and just seem to enjoy the job they are doing. It’s surprisingly refreshing.

Right from the start they blew any cobwebs or haze that may have lingered after a balmy day in Amsterdam from their audience’s collective mind. The burst of energy coming from the stage right from the first tune ‘This Scene Is Dead’ fed into the crowd and I don’t think any of us looked back.

They did joke they brought Ash, but they were in the dressing room. There was some arguing over the metric system as well. Nonsense, because of course the metric system is better than any the Americans dreamt up. But it is that really quite random chatter between Keith and Chris that bring a touch extra to a W.A.S. gig.

Scintillating (great word) renditions of ‘Buckle’, ‘In My Head’ and ‘Classic Love’ proved that new album Helter Seltzer stands up with the best they have produced so far, while old classics such as ‘Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt’, ‘Chick Lit’ and ‘The Great Escape’ still sound fresh and had a frantic reception. ‘The Great Escape’ solicited an impromptu singing of the guitar riff (always a brilliant sign) and the mosh pit was born. Keith put down his guitar and jumped down into the audience for ‘Textbook’, which no doubt made many a fan’s night. The band closed with ‘After Hours’, which to me remains the signature We Are Scientists song with its chirpy guitar loop, sing-along chorus and well, it’s about drinking. And yes, I believe I was right where I was supposed to be…

Of course there was to be an encore, which they duly gave with ‘Nice Guys’ and ending with ‘Too Late’, from their new album, which was the perfect wind-down track after a pretty electric performance. A last time in the audience for Keith and Chris and it was done…

The sound was a little patchy at times, but that is nitpicking and who cares when the band is at the top of their game and you are having fun!

Of course I could not resist buying something from Keith after the show and it gave me a chance to tell him how awesome they had been.

I came to the gig loving these guys and I came away a massive fan. Job well done, I’d say.