Track by Track: ‘Necessary Appliances’ by Asylums


Asylums are fast becoming my favourite new band. Well, they have been around for a couple of years, but their debut album Killer Brain Waves was out under two months ago and it is pretty (read very) awesome. I have been listening to it for a few days and I loved it instantly, which does not happen that often.

This is a track from that. Enjoy!


Track by Track: ‘Victoria’ by Beverly


Unexpectedly, we are going to see We Are Scientists in the UK in a few weeks time. We saw them in Amsterdam in June and could not pass up on the opportunity to see them again. We happen to be visiting family nearby and it just happened to coincide, which is really quite brilliant.

The support has been announced, a band called Beverly, who I had never heard of. I have had a little listen to their latest album The Blue Swell and I actually quite like the sound of them, so I am looking forward to checking them out. It’s never a bad thing to discover some new music!

So here’s a track from that album, which was out this past May.


Track By Track: ‘Step’ by Vampire Weekend


I think whether or not you like a band or their music is not always quite straightforward. Take Vampire Weekend. I remember hearing their early stuff on the radio and thinking ‘Oh, this sounds fun!’, but then when I checked out their album it was just a little much for me. A little manic and chaotic to my ears. So I discovered I like them in short sharp bursts, but not so much an hour’s worth. Strange, but sobeit.

I guess that’s why their last album Modern Vampires of the City is my favourite of their three albums. It’s a little less manic and easier on my ears, a little cleaner, which oddly I usually consider to be a bad thing.

And my favourite song on that album (and by the band full stop) is this one. There’s something perfect about it that I just find incredibly relaxing. It does not even matter that to me the lyrics make no sense… at all. It is one of those rare songs that I can hear on loop for an hour and still not be bored by it. The music, the voice, the quirky lyrics… Just perfect!