Track by Track: ‘Necessary Appliances’ by Asylums


Asylums are fast becoming my favourite new band. Well, they have been around for a couple of years, but their debut album Killer Brain Waves was out under two months ago and it is pretty (read very) awesome. I have been listening to it for a few days and I loved it instantly, which does not happen that often.

This is a track from that. Enjoy!


Track By Track: ‘Use Somebody’ by Yak


Only appropriate, having gotten us some tickets today to see these guys in October. I am looking forward to it, having heard they are a pretty amazing live band.

Love this track. So much energy. From their debut album ‘Alas Salvation’, which I so need to listen to (is very high on my to-listen-to list).

Track by Track: ‘Cannonball’ by Hidden Charms


Hidden Charms are a London band that has been on my radar for only six months, when I saw their gig advertised by the venue. I checked them out and it did not take me long to decide this really was a band worth keeping an eye on.

One of my favourite young bands at the moment.

Check out their latest song ‘Cannonball’. If it does not make you want to dance, there is something wrong with you!