Track By Track: ‘The Good Ones’ by The Kills


Here’s a sexy tune – perfect for a Tuesday morning??


Track by Track: ‘Boys That Sing’ by Viola Beach


I had to. Hats off to Chris Martin and the rest of Coldplay for choosing to play this song at Glastonbury on Sunday. It was an incredibly beautiful gesture.

Great song as well, by the way. Love the pace of it and it just makes me want to sing along and stamp my feet! A great loss… That’s for sure…

Anyway, this is the video Coldplay used in their performance:

Ash’s 1977 20th Anniversary Tour


For the diary: 8 December 2016 at Paradiso Noord (Tolhuistuin)


Ash announced they are playing 1977 in full in a series of gigs at the end of the year, including one in Amsterdam. I have got the tickets in my pocket (figuratively speaking) of course by now.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. 1977 was, as it was for so many people my age, the soundtrack to my late teenage years. I was 17 when it came out and it spoke to me in a way no other album had. The fact that those songs were written by a teenager is no doubt the reason for that connection I felt to the songs on that album

Even now, when I put it on, the opening TIE fighter noise followed by Lose Control just takes me back. I used to play it so LOUD, it must have driven my folks mental. I love how unrestrained it is, how naive in some ways.

I also saw Ash live for the first time that year. I think it was June 1996. I don’t remember much of the gig, but I remember speaking to the guys and how lovely they were. Very funny and so like any other boys my age.

Who would have thought they would still be around today being as brilliant as they are, even if it is lower key these days. Although I wish they would get more credit than they do, it selfishly suits me, cause it means gigs in lovely small venues.

On a random side note: Weird to think that bigger bands, like Coldplay and Bloc Party, may not even be around if it was not for these guys.

If you have not seen these guys live, GO!


Track by Track: ‘Arcadia’ by Ash


It’s such a shame that back in 2009 this song did not get the airplay it so thoroughly deserved. I suppose that’s the problem when you self release your music. Yes it gives you full creative control (in Ash’s case with fantastic results I might add), but the budget for promotion sometimes simply is not there.

The song is part of an ambitious project, the subscription A-Z series, that saw them release 26 singles over the course of a year, many (if not all) quite excellent. Wheeler sure knows how to write catchy tunes and I am a sucker for a catchy tune!

This is one of my absolute favourite Ash songs. Scrap the Ash bit – it is one of my favourite songs, period.

Been listening to… 12-18 June 2016


Just a summary of what has been floating my boat this past week.

Of course I have been listening to The Strokes for REWIND,PLAY,STOP. Mainly Room Of Fire and Is This It.

I have also been listening a fair bit to The Vryll Society. Love their sound! They are doing a UK tour with Hidden Charms, who I love as well and is currently playing on my Sonos. Go and see them if you can! Both fantastic young bands worth keeping an eye on.

We Are Scientists are never far from the play-button and I have mostly been listening to their latest album Helter Seltzer, of which I will be writing a review soon.



Track by Track: ‘Do The Damage’ by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds


Noel Gallagher. Well, you either love him or hate him. I love him and I don’t care what anyone else says. People always moan about him talking rubbish and upsetting other people, but who cares. Without people like him, the music business would be bloody boring. I don’t always agree with him. Heck, I think he sometimes does not even agree with himself. He knows he is going to get a reaction and it appears to amuse him no end. I don’t blame him for giving a poke here and there to await the snowball grow. What a strange world is it, when you say something perfectly ordinary and it gets ripped apart. Well, I am glad he is out there talking crap. He knows the deal and he does not care much about the deal, but knows how to play it. And boy has he played it well in his time.

After the first couple of Oasis albums, Oasis did nothing for me I have to say. But his two High Flying Birds albums have been a staple in our house. Songs like If I Had A Gun, AKA… What A Life and The Ballad of the Mighty I are definitely favourites, but I actually want to highlight a different track.

Do The Damage is a bonus track on ‘Chasing Yesterday’  and was the B-side to The Heat Of The Moment and actually one of my favourites (certainly better than the A-side), with its chugging rhythm and a bit of a dirty groove. I love how the saxophone works so well in the song to add a little something interesting.

Noel himself has referenced the song to early Oasis work like Bring It On Down and Headshrinker. No wonder I like it, that was the period I actually loved Oasis!

Anyway, I will add the video, even though it’s terrible! Just close your eyes and just listen to the tune!