About O.M.O.R.O.I.


A optimistic new website, for all of you music fans. And guess what, you can participate! If you have been to see a gig, or have heard a record you are really excited about, or that was pretty drab or anything in between,  write a review and send it to: omoroi@yandex.com

If you want to express an opinion on a band or a song or anything to do with music, do drop a line and we can put it up! And check out ‘Rewind, Play, Stop’ if you fancy a challenge.

Most of my favourite music is ‘indie rock’ (using the apostrophes cause actually I have no idea what that means, but it is a widely accepted box to put bands in!). If your tastes go more into metal, or hip hop or just plain good ol’ pop music, also very welcome.

Anyway, drop us a line with anything to do with music you have opinions on!