Ash’s 1977 20th Anniversary Tour


For the diary: 8 December 2016 at Paradiso Noord (Tolhuistuin)


Ash announced they are playing 1977 in full in a series of gigs at the end of the year, including one in Amsterdam. I have got the tickets in my pocket (figuratively speaking) of course by now.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. 1977 was, as it was for so many people my age, the soundtrack to my late teenage years. I was 17 when it came out and it spoke to me in a way no other album had. The fact that those songs were written by a teenager is no doubt the reason for that connection I felt to the songs on that album

Even now, when I put it on, the opening TIE fighter noise followed by Lose Control just takes me back. I used to play it so LOUD, it must have driven my folks mental. I love how unrestrained it is, how naive in some ways.

I also saw Ash live for the first time that year. I think it was June 1996. I don’t remember much of the gig, but I remember speaking to the guys and how lovely they were. Very funny and so like any other boys my age.

Who would have thought they would still be around today being as brilliant as they are, even if it is lower key these days. Although I wish they would get more credit than they do, it selfishly suits me, cause it means gigs in lovely small venues.

On a random side note: Weird to think that bigger bands, like Coldplay and Bloc Party, may not even be around if it was not for these guys.

If you have not seen these guys live, GO!